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Try This At Home
Recorded in front of live intimate audience at Minneapolis' Walker Arts Center in September 1999, "Try This at Home" features Bobby in his renowned solo vocal concert. Entirely improvised, the performance displays Bobby's astonishing vocal virtuosity and musicianship, and his gift for audience interaction. With his comedian's sense of timing, an unrestrained zany streak, and an infectious love of every genre of music, Bobby's "Try This At Home" is not a 'performance', but a communal sharing and celebration of music.

While the DVD stands alone as entertainment, educators and performers should have a look. If you need to break down your singers' inhibitions this is an amazing ice-breaker. And if you're a performer looking for fresh ideas to draw in your audience, watch the master at work!

This 45 minute DVD is coded 0 for all regions. In English.

PRICE: $18.99
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